Saturday, August 6, 2016

Asher Turns 4

Where does time go????  Can't believe Asher is 4!
 This sweet boy is filled with adventure, no fear, love and full of life!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Time with Asher in Houston

Camille and Blake took Pierce to CA for a week.  Lucky us, we get Asher for a week.  There is nothing better than getting your grandkids without their parents!!!  Grandparents Rule!!!!  Not necessarily, it's really, grandkids RULE and we follow.. 
One of our first stops was Cabelas.  It really has a lot to offer.

 Not sure mom would agree with this!
 GP and Asher would have some pool time while GM made dinner.
 Mom left us some crafts, thankful!
 GP got some good cuddle time....Priceless.
 Some good ole outdoor time.
 Some educational time. 
 Sometimes GP needs to hurry up because Asher knows his way around the library.
We spent 2 1/2 hours during our first trip to the library.

 More pool time.
 Sometimes you just need to get creative with meals.
We went to the aquarium.  What a fabulous place!  Took the train ride around and through.

 So much to see and learn.
 Another adventure and shared time we will not forget.
 Juju met us at the park and we did a transfer.  I have a life long friend that we met for dinner and what a joy.  I love her dearly!

 While GP and GM are dining, Asher is dining with Juju and KW
Back to being entertained.
 Sharing and cuddles
 Back to the mall

 Our 2nd trip to the library took 20 minutes so we had to fill in the time before nap time.  Where do you go??  Chick-fil-A of course.  Lunch, play time, ice cream.  I see a sleepy boy. 
What a joy filled week.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Granny Camp 2016 with Pierce and Anna

The action certainly picked up at Granny Camp with Pierce and Anna.  It was a different level / kind of action.  All tons of fun!  We all had had a full day by the time Pierce and Anna arrived to The Farm.  We had church and then celebrated Anna's birthday at the country club (we will never let her forget this) by swimming and eating all afternoon.  So they were already kinda tired when they arrived.  GP and I set out the Lego's and set them free while we relaxed on the sofa.  Didn't get to do that with Logan, Asher and Bailey. Anna adores Pierce and Pierce loves having a minion.  These are Lego's we purchased at a garage sale down the street.  They had never been opened.  Pierce went online, after we opened the box and put it together, and found out it could be sold for $446.00.  We paid $2.00!!!!

 Before you could do anything you had to decide who went 1st.  In order to determine that, you had to pick a number between 1 and what ever.  This is Anna thinking of her number.
 Pierce is a great big brother and cousin.  Anna wanted a picnic lunch.  The table was out when Asher and Bailey were here, sooo there they are having lunch under the tent.
 We always have at least one field trip.  Elysse and Keith have a membership at the Perot Museum (perfect and thank you) so that's where we went.  We took Pierce there for the 1st Granny Camp outing.  Thankfully I had GP with me so we could divide and conquer.  Pierce was into all the exhibits with his IPad (really???  so high tech).  Anna was as happy as could be in the playground area.
After 3+ hours of wondering around the museum, we saw one of the 3D movies. 
This picture is from the first Granny Camp with Pierce in 2013.
 This is Pierce and me at Granny Camp # 5 of at the same venue.
 This is Anna not so happy with the seating arrangements.

 While GP was upstairs with Pierce looking at dinosaurs, etc. Anna and I were down stairs shopping.
 And making Mr. Potato Head.
 And this is what Grandma looks like with snacks multiple IPads, sunglasses, etc.
You could even race against a dinosaur.
We brought Anna and Bailey's dune buggies home and they were a hit.
 Made "special" cupcakes and shared them with our new neighbors.  Pierce made blue cake with yellow frosting and sprinkles.  Anna made purple cake with pink icing and sprinkles.
 We had lots and lots of pool time.

 And lots and lots of water balloons.  I found this gadget that fills  30 water balloons at once.  We went through over 600 water balloons.
 Jerry Sanders came through for us and gave us tickets to the Ranger game.  When Pierce played softball this summer, his team was the Rangers.  We had fabulous seats.
 Another year of us wearing them out and vice verse.  Love you two so much. You keep Grandpa and Grandma on our toes and we love every minute of it.  See ya next year.